About UTCG Projects

Don't let your dreams be dreams

UTCG Projects is a new program to help you meet new people and develop new skills through working on a project related to CG. What you make is up to you, whether it's something in whether it be in computer vision, AR/VR, 3D modelling, or anything in between.

Our goal is to help you network, get ahead academically, and develop outstanding projects for your resume.


What you can do

Learner track

For beginners who want to learn about different technologies and develop their skills. They wish to learn about CG and develop a smaller side project (individually or with a team) near the end of the year.

Project track

For intermediates/experts with significant experience in CG or other areas of CS who want to use this as an opportunity to develop personal projects with a team.

Final Project

No matter which track you choose, you get to make a neat project. You'll demo it with a short video, which can be uploaded to YouTube and shown off. What a flex!


For students who want to take more initiative and leadership in guiding groups of students, designing lesson content, answering questions, and facilitating a community.



Registration is closed for learner/project tracks and mentors. If you still want to get involved, email us at